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If you have never been to the summer home of Anna Hyatt Huntington, please promise that you will. A famous sculptress, Anna is responsible for the beauty of Brookgreen Gardens. Thanks to the efforts of her husband, the couple made quite a difference in the economy surrounding Georgetown, SC in the early days. Their gardens and Huntington Beach State Park still provide beauty for visitors today.

While touring Atalaya, I was enthralled with the brick work in the rooms of the summer home. Using the time period and creating the characters who are my nephew, and two granddaughters, I wove into the plot a mystery which supports the history of the Black Seminole Indians. Meet the Carolina Cousins and read about how Gullah slaves fled to northern Florida and merged with Seminole tribes to form Black Seminoles.



REsearching the huntington's

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the making of pirates at pawleys, book 2

To me the cover of the book says a lot!  In the left bottom corner you can see one of the cousins watching from the shoreline as she hides near a sea turtle nest (marked with the orange triangle bottom right corner). 

Sea turtle egg poaching is big money for many poachers.  Digging the eggs from newly laid nests, taking them out of the US and selling to people who use them for food delicacies, medicinal purposes, or simply to make an ashtray of the beautiful shells of hatched turtles.  I can't stand the thought! 

Read for yourself how the cousins stop a ring of poaching which takes place at Pawleys Island, SC.

research opportunities:

If you live near the coast, contact local DNR to find out about volunteering to help locate sea turtle nests.  They will let you know when turtle nests are being inventoried so that you can take a look at any which may have been left behind in the nest as their brothers and sisters made their way up and out!

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

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