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the making of the laurel and delphinus series

One of the most exciting genres of literature is mythology.  I love to read about the heros/heroines and Hercules has always been one of my favorites.  The Percy Jackson series was well needed!  This series is my attempt to merge a love of nature with mythology reference.  According to mythology, dolphins were the messenger of Zeus and were known as delphinus.  This is where Laurel's sidekick comes from.

Laurel is unique in that she has lived her life at Pawleys Island being raised by her mother and grandmother, while her father and brother have remained in Atlantis.  She has a connection with the lost city and will play a huge role in its revival in this series. 

I don't want to give away too much of the story, but Laurel loves the ocean and dedicates her life to preserving and conserving its resources!

Book 2 is on the way!

sample pages of the book

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